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Discover individualized health care with Dr. Shawn Yakimovich, ND. It’s our goal to make your experience as effective, accessible, and comfortable as possible. Bookings are available for virtual consultations and for weekend, evening, and same-day acute care appointments. We’re here to help.

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Your Journey to Wellness

The Kemptville Naturopathic Clinic is a general family practice clinic offering naturopathic health care to the residents of Kemptville, North Grenville, Winchester, North Gower, Prescott, and the North Country area of New York state. Naturopathic medicine offers a unique blend of modern examination and diagnostic techniques along with traditional, natural treatments such as nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and homeopathy. 

Our Services

Common Health Conditions

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Digestive Conditions

We relieve symptoms and resolve the underlying causes of digestive conditions like IBS,Colitis, SIBO, and heartburn.

Autoimmune Diseases

We offer natural prescriptions for pain management and to support the health of patients with autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

Infectious Diseases

We provide comprehensive treatments for infections such as Lyme disease, influenza, pneumonia, strep throat, ear infections, skin infections, and more.

Immune Support

We work with you to develop individualized treatment plans using natural prescriptions to best support your immune function.


We’re here to listen, understand and work with you to develop manageable care plans for stress relief, anxiety, depression, hormone imbalances, or sleep disorders.

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Children's Health

We provide non-invasive, natural treatments for common health issues in children like recurrent ear infections, and personalized treatment for conditions such as ADHD and PANDAS.

Women's Health

We can help you through fertility treatments, as well as relieve discomforts associated with pregnancy, post-partum and menopausal symptoms.

Primary Care

We can provide primary care evaluations, well baby visits, physical exams, blood tests, and more for general health monitoring and disease prevention.

Plan a Visit

We offer a free 15-minute meet and greet session for an opportunity to meet Dr. Shawn Yakimovich ND and find out how naturopathic medicine can make you feel better. Contact our clinic to book your appointment.

We look forward to meeting you.