Naturopathic lifestyle interventions may include counselling around exercise, stress reduction, sleep hygiene, and reducing exposure to environmental toxins. Naturopathic lifestyle counselling can help maintain your health, support your immune function, reduce your stress, and set the groundwork for healthier, more balanced, and injury-free living.


Nutritional therapy involves the mindful choice of food not just as nourishment, but as medicine. Individual foods or specific diet plans may be recommended to treat diseases and optimize health.

Work with a naturopathic doctor to build an individualized nutrition plan that suits your lifestyle. Use nutritional guidance to enhance your health while learning more about your body and its needs through non-judgmental, open, and attentive consultation.


Providing higher than normal doses of key nutritional building blocks can help our bodies work better. Supplementing with targeted nutrients can treat deficiencies (like iron or vitamin D) or promote a desired biochemical outcome (like reducing inflammation with fish oil).

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