mother holding baby

Successful Treatment of Croup

There are few sounds more distressing to a parent than the sound of their young child with croup.  In the middle of the night, your child wakes up crying with a sonorous, barking cough. Their voice is hoarse, their cough sounds like a seal’s bark, and an anxious feeling grips your heart. What is a parent to do? Turn on the shower for steam? Go to the… Read More »Successful Treatment of Croup

Woman holding head in pain

Under the Weather: A Case of Migraine Headache

In my first year of practice, a young woman consulted me for a chief complaint of severe migraine headaches. She had suffered from them “for as long as I can remember,” and on presenting to clinic she had been on disability leave for two years. She described the pain as a band across the forehead from temple to temple, with a pressing sensation.  Sometimes it affected… Read More »Under the Weather: A Case of Migraine Headache